New Jersey Concealed Carry Certifications

Part 1 and Part 1A

Handgun Safety and Familiarization

Duration: 2 ¼ hours Price: $125.00 plus ammunition

Participants are required to bring their own firearm and 60 rounds of ammunition for this certification-  Ammunition will be available for purchase before the start of class-

This course will include the following components that must be completed and passed before you can move onto Part 2:

Part 1A: NJSP required use of force briefing followed by Q/A

Part 2
NJSP Handgun Qualification Course Duration: 1 hours Price:$75.00

Part 3 

Individuals failing to meet the qualification requirements will have the opportunity remediate immediately (cost $75 )

Class Information and Instructors:
Classes are held on either Wednesday or Thursday mornings from 7am-10am-

Instructors- John Cassidy Ret. LEO Firearms Instructor-FLETC/NLEFIA/IALEFI/NRA LE

Stephen Heaney-Ret. FBI Firearms Instructor /Tactical Instructor S.W.A.T Team Leader

New Personal Firearms Training!

  • New-1 on 1 instruction with a NJSP certified instructor to assist in identifying shooting issues related to marksmanship, CCW qualification issues etc.(cost $75 per hour 2 hr time slot minimum)

Registration - please email us at if you are interested in attending the class- please include your phone number-