This is NOT a beginners class! Please only sign up if you are an experienced– 

New Jersey Concealed Carry Certifications

Part 1 Wednesday 7:00am-9:00am

Handgun Safety and Familiarization

Duration: 2 hours Price: $125.00 plus ammunition

Participants are required to bring their own firearm and 50 rounds of ammunition for this certification- Ammunition will be available for purchase before the start of class-

This course will include the following components that must be completed and passed before you can move onto Part 2.

Part 2 Wednesday 9:00am-10:00am

NJSP Handgun Qualification Course (HQC1)

Duration: 1 hours Price: $75.00 plus ammunition for one firearm

Certified Firearms Instructor John D. Cassidy, FLETC,NJSP,PASP,NRA LE

Freedom Ammo provides qualification courses to retired law enforcement officers and civilians that pass the handgun safety and familiarization course. The NJ RPO program now requires Use of Force training and the completion of the Handgun Qualification Course day and Handgun Night Qualification Course. Shoot on a FBI Q target, the 60 round course of fire begins with the target at 25 yards and ends with the shooter 1 yard away. 48/60 hits in the scoring zone are required to pass. Shooters will complete both the hq1 60 round course and the hnqc 40 round course.Passing requires shooters to score a minimum of 80 percent on both courses.

Registration – please email us at if you are interested in attending the class- please include your phone number-